Local Organ Donor Program Has A Star Spokesperson


Kentucky Circuit Court Clerk Association’s Trust for Life, which is an organ donor awareness program now has a spokesperson. TV actor Muse Watson who has appeared on NCIS and Prison Break returned to Madison County where he was appointed celebrity spokesman. Watson attended Berea college and has a home there, encouraged everyone to become an [...]

Planes Clip Wings


Some scary moments for passengers aboard a plane headed for Louisville. It happened in Minneapolis at about 8:30 p.m last night when a Compass Airlines flight headed to Louisville clipped the wings of a Delta flight to Los Angeles . Both planes returned to the terminal. The accident is under investigation

Flu Cases Confirmed


It started early this year but there have been three confirmed cases of the flu and doctors are urging residents to get their flu shots. Dr. Brian Smith with Versailles family medicine says you should worry more about the flu than Ebola.

“It’s still very contagious, everybody can get the flu. Your neighbors are gonna [...]

Chief Denies Richmond Police Involvement in By-pass Shooting


Richmond Police Chief Larry Brock denies any officer was involvement in the September 13th police shooting that left one man dead. The shooting followed a high speed chase from Lexington that stopped on the Richmond By-pass. Brock says the only role Richmond Police had was traffic control. Brock says his officers were not involved in [...]

Internet Meeting Ends In Violence


A Georgia man that traveled to Laurel County to meet a woman he found on the internet is now in jail for assaulting her. Police say 33 year old Cornelius Jefferson choked the victim with both hands around her neck and threw food on her, all because she did not match up with the expectations [...]

Facebook Helps Police Find A Scam Artist


A Winchester man that used a scam to get hundreds of dollars from restaurant employees is now behind bars thanks to facebook. Jarrod Cooper,30 years old, told employees he worked with the handicapped and needed to cash a check so they could pay for their food. Police took surveillance pictures and posted them on their [...]

The Kentucky Bourbon Industry Is Growing

The Bourbon industry is growing in the state and that means additional income and jobs.

The report was done by the University of Louisville’s Urban Studies Institute and shows positive results for the Commonwealth.

According to the report, the number of licensed distilling companies have tripled in the past two years from 10 to 31. [...]

Woman That Hid Her Dad’s Body In Kentucky Sentenced


A Texas woman who continued to collect benefits from her father long after his death will spend the next 10 years in prison.

Prosecutors say Judith Maria Broughton leased a storage unit in Lexington, to conceal the death of Luther Broughton. His mummified remains were located in January.

Broughton must repay $245,000 in benefits stolen [...]

Fatal Crash

car crash accident

A single car crash has claimed the life of a Rowan County woman. Marilyn Russell was a passenger in the vehicle driven by 55 year old Dale DeHart. Authorities say DeHart was traveling along Big Perry Road at about 5 Monday evening when he lost control of his car in a curve and crashed into [...]

Berea Couple Arrested For Child Abuse

A Berea couple remain in jail after they were arrested this weekend on child abuse charges. Police say 34 year old Linda Richmond and the child’s father Julio Valadares would confine their child to a chair for hours and limit food as punishment for bed wetting. The child was treated at the hospital because of [...]

Voter Turnout Will Decide

A week after the debate and two weeks before the election the latest Bluegrass poll has incumbent Mitch McConnell with a slight lead over challenger Allison Lundregen Grimes.

McConnell is leading 44 to Grimes 43 percent while Libertarian candidate David Patterson remains a distant third. Eight percent remains undecided.

Both candidates say voter turnout will [...]

Man Injured Jumping From Car

Man Injured Jumping From A Moving Car

A Boyle County man is hospitalized with serious injuries after jumping from a moving vehicle.

It happened Saturday night near Perryville , when 42 year old Richard Arthur Blocker Jr., jumped from the vehicle that was driven by his girlfriend Nancy Jane Schook.

Blocker was airlifted to UK Hospital. His girlfriend was arrested on DUI [...]

Meth Found Under Baby’s Bed

Baby Bed Hides Drugs

Laurel County deputies investigating reports of drugs found an active meth lab hidden under an infants baby bed.

Early Sunday morning deputies arrested Richard Ehlers, 39 years old, after they found a cooler that contained bags of suspected methamphetamine, three glass pipes containing methamphetamine, two bags of marijuana and seven packs of suboxone.

A 15 [...]

Madison Woman Injured

Madison County Woman Injured

A Madison county woman is lucky after falling about 40 feet in the Pennacles. Rescue workers say she was alert at the time of her rescue. They believe she might have suffered a broken ankle.

Two Detroit Residents Arrested in Richmond For Selling Drugs


Police in Richmond have charged two Detroit residents for selling drugs. Police say on Wednesday they were called to Fifth Street for a complaint of drug activity. Police say they watched 24-year-old Romone Logan put in a baggie of pills in his mouth. Police searched a residence he went inside and found oxycodone pills, several [...]