Richmond Police Crime Report 04/01/14

Richmond Police Crime Report 04/01/14


Burglary of Residence: On 03/29/2014, a resident in the 500 block of Orange Street reported that his home had been unlawfully entered sometime during the past two days and several items were stolen. The point of entry was undetermined. The following items were reported stolen: an Xbox 360 gaming system with three wireless controllers and battery packs; six video games; two rolls of hamburger; two packages of steaks; and a family pack of pork chops. Estimated loss: $910.00 (0726/412)


Robbery Charge: On 03/31/2013, police charged Mark Thompson, age 30, Telford Hall, Richmond, in connection with a robbery that occurred in February 2014.


On 02/21/2014, officers were dispatched to an apartment in the 1600 block of Foxhaven Drive in response to a reported robbery. Upon arrival, officers were met by the resident who reported that he had been robbed. The victim was suffering from an injury to his right eye and abrasions on his back. The victim reported that he answered a knock at his door and was promptly rushed and shoved to the floor by three males. One of the men held him on the floor and assaulted him while the other two men ransacked his apartment and took $750.00 in cash. The three men then fled from the apartment.


The follow-up investigation identified Thompson as one of the suspects involved in the robbery.


On 03/31/2014, Thompson was taken into custody at his residence without incident. He was charged for Robbery 1st Degree and lodged in the MCDC. (0447/446)


Stalking/Sex Crimes Arrest: On 03/31/2014, police charged Andrew Parrish, age 22, Manchester, MD, for several offenses relating to improper contact with an underage female.


On 11/14/2013, RPD initiated an investigation after receiving a complaint from the parents of a 13-year-old female child. The investigation determined that commencing on 01/29/2013, the defendant began corresponding through Facebook with a 13-year-old minor female. He provided false information concerning his correct age, stating that he was 16 years old when, in fact, he was 21. Throughout the time they were corresponding on Facebook, the defendant also began using his cell phone to send nude photographs of himself to the minor female and attempted to induce her to send similar pictures of herself to him. The parents of the minor were unaware of the photographs. In May 2013, the defendant came from his home in Maryland to visit the minor and her family, who then found out he was an adult. Shortly thereafter, the parents of the minor directed Parrish to return home and have no further contact with their daughter. Parrish continued to attempt to induce the minor to disobey her parents by communicating with him or meeting him. Parrish did, in fact, have contact with the minor at various events and hacked into her Facebook account to monitor her activities and contact her.

When the female minor resisted his attempts, Parrish threatened to cause serious physical injury or death to her and her family.


On 11/15/2013, a warrant was issued for the arrest of Parrish charging him for Stalking 2nd Degree, Prohibited Use of Electronic Communications System to Procure a Minor to Commit a Sexual Offense, and Unlawful Transaction with a Minor 3rd Degree. It was subsequently learned that Parrish had returned to Maryland shortly before the warrant was issued.


On or about 03/17/2014, Parrish was arrested in Maryland on the strength of the aforementioned warrant and returned to Madison County where he was lodged in the MCDC.


On 03/31/2014, the additional charges of Sexual Abuse 1st Degree and Use of a Minor Under 16 in a Sex Performance. (13003030/440-445)


Additional Robbery Charges: On 03/31/2014, police placed additional charges against Anthony L. Ray, age 35, N. Second Street, in connection with a string of robberies that occurred from late December 2013 through January 2014.


On 01/24/2014, Richmond Police arrested Ray shortly after he had robbed Cash Tyme Cash Advance, 962 Commercial Drive. It was learned a male, later identified as Ray, had entered the business, brandished a knife, and demanded money from the two employees on duty. The clerks surrendered a sum of money and the robber fled from the store.


Officers were able to obtain a description of the suspect’s vehicle and the vehicle was located and stopped by several officers on E. Main Street near CVS Pharmacy. The operator, identified as Ray, was detained and transported to the police station. The stolen money was subsequently recovered along with the knife suspected of being used in the robbery.


Ray was charged for Robbery 1st Degree and lodged in the MCDC. (0214/400)


The follow-up investigation linked Ray to a string of robberies that had been committed in the city from 12/28/2013 to 01/20/2014. On 03/26/2014, investigators sought and received an arrest warrant charging Ray for Robbery 1st Degree in connection with five additional robberies. Those robberies were committed as documented below:


  1. On 12/28/2013, at approximately 10:07 A.M., police responded to a reported armed robbery at TNT Vapors, 950 Spanish Grove Drive. Upon arrival, officers learned that shortly after the store opened, a male entered the store, produced a handgun, and ordered the owner to surrender the money from the cash register. The owner did so and the robber fled on foot with an amount of cash. (3461/456)


  1. On 01/02/2014, at approximately 7:57 P.M., officers responded to an armed robbery at Babylon Market, 298 S. Second Street. Upon arrival, officers learned a male suspect had entered the store, brandished a handgun, and demanded money. After the suspect received the money from the register, he left the store and ran toward the area of Wellington Court. Attempts to locate the suspect in the area proved fruitless.



  1. On 01/08/2014, at approximately 5:55 P.M., officers responded to an armed robbery at Cash Tyme Cash Advance, 962 Commercial Drive. Upon arrival, officers learned that a male suspect had entered the business, brandished a handgun, and demanded money. After receiving the money from the cash register, the robber fled on foot. (0063/437)


  1. On 01/18/2014, at approximately 10:06 A.M., an employee of Splash ‘Em Out laundry, 467 Eastern Bypass, reported a robbery. The employee stated that a white male entered the laundry and demanded money. He then claimed to have a gun and pulled a shiny item from his pocket that the victim thought was a knife. The victim surrendered $74.00 in cash to the suspect who fled on foot. (0156/423)


  1. On 01/20/2014, at approximately 12:24 P.M., police responded to a reported robbery at Check For Cash, 420 Eastern Bypass.


Upon arrival, officers learned from the clerk that a male entered the business and attempted to walk behind the counter. When the clerk confronted the man, he demanded money. The suspect kept his hands in his pockets in a manner that led the clerk to believe he had a weapon. The clerk surrendered the cash and the suspect fled from the building. (0175/418)


On 03/31/2014, the arrest warrant was served on Ray at the MCDC where he was being held in connection with the original robbery charge.


Shoplifting/Drug Charge: On 03/31/2014, police charged Sherry Fuson, age 52, and Alisha E. Felker, age 32, both of Livingston, KY, for theft in connection with a shoplifting offense.


At approximately 6:20 P.M., officers were dispatched to Kohl’s to investigate a shoplifting offense. Upon arrival, officers learned that store employees observed the two women concealing store merchandise on their person and in purses. Felker then attempted to leave the store without paying for merchandise and both women were detained. Employees recovered $536.00 worth of merchandise from the two women.


Officers took the two women into custody and a search of Fuson’s purse revealed a package of Suboxone strips.


Both women were charged for Theft by Unlawful Taking $500 to $10,000 (felony) and lodged in the MCDC. Fuson was also charged for Possession of a Controlled Substance 2nd Degree and a bench warrant charging her for Failure to Appear in the Pulaski District Court was served on her as well. (0742/412)


Robbery Arrest: On 03/31/2014, police charged Sheri D. Winburn, age 23, Charlie Norris Road, in connection with a strong-armed robbery at Dollar General.


At approximately 4:59 P.M., officers were dispatched to Dollar General, 2181 Lexington Road, in response to a reported robbery. Officers were provided with a description of a female that reportedly assaulted an employee of the store during the commission of a theft and was fleeing on foot. Upon arrival at the store, officers learned that the female suspect, later identified as Winburn, was observed concealing items of merchandise in her purse and then attempted to leave the store without paying for the items. When an employee confronted Winburn, she punched the employee in the face and fled on foot. The employee suffered a cut lip as a result of the assault.


Other responding officers located Winburn behind White Hall School and took her into custody. It was determined that Winburn was under the influence of an intoxicant other than alcohol.


Winburn was charged for Robbery 2nd Degree and Public Intoxication and lodged in the MCDC. She was also served with a bench warrant from the Madison District Court charging her for Failure to Appear in connection with a previous shoplifting offense. (0740/454)


Assault Arrest: On 04/01/2014, police charged Mitzi L. Downey, age 32, Evansdale Avenue, for assault following a stabbing incident.


At approximately 12:45 A.M., officers were dispatched to Downey’s residence in the 200 block of Evansdale Avenue to investigate a reported stabbing. Upon arrival, officers were met by Downey’s boyfriend who was suffering from a stab wound to his arm (the extent of which is unknown as of this report). It was determined that Downey and her boyfriend had been involved in a domestic dispute that resulted in Downey stabbing him in the arm with a steak knife. The victim was transported to the U.K. Medical Center for treatment of the injury.


Downey was subsequently tracked to a residence in the 300 block of N. Madison Avenue where a search of the residence found her hiding in the basement. She was taken into custody and charged for Assault 2nd Degree.

Two bench warrants from the Madison District Court charging Downey for Contempt of Court were also served on her. She was lodged in the MCDC. (0744/401)



Anyone with information regarding the above listed cases is asked to contact the Richmond Police Department at 859-623-1162.

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